What our workshop participants have to say:

“The group discussions and exercises were helpful in getting us to dig deeper into our understanding of the different concepts/content taught.”  Participant for Developing the Leaders Around You

“The apply-change-transfer exercise held us accountable for our applying what we learned in between the mastermind lessons.”  Participant for Developing the Leaders Around You

“The workshop was well presented. It will really help me in my professional and personal life.” Liew Kian Hoe, participant for Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

“Well connected between trainer and the class.”  Chin, participant for Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

“You got me. Interactive and love the fact that we move around the class as this serve the different type of learners.”  Imelda, participant for Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

“This workshop has provided me with an alternative viewpoint about success, which is usually only associated with career, education and wealth. Instead of those, the workshop defines success as achieving goals set by oneself, and contributing to the society by giving back.”  Participant for 5 Steps of Success

“The Leadership Game is a great way to have open discussions and challenge our leadership practices and principles. The facilitator created a safe environment for open conversations and gave everyone a voice. I came to the room not knowing anyone. By the end of the game, I felt the connection with other participants, and learn so much from others through the group discussions and sharing.”  UFLX participant at the Leadership Game

What our consulting clients have to say:

“Ms Cheng was engaged to manage our Employee Opinion Surveys over 2 alternate years. The surveys were rolled out to 5 countries. The logistic was well administered. The reports provided were highly analytical, informative and easy to follow. They enabled us to have both a high level grasp and deeper dive into the employees’ sentiment across the organisation and within each country. “  Geraldine Ho, Eu Yan Sang International

“Ms Cheng was engaged to provide a salary benchmark of our Executive Directors remuneration. She portrayed resourcefulness by first understanding the company’s business operations and directions. She displayed high diligence and commitment to ensure an unbiased review and recommendations of our executive pay proposals. She provided clear justifications of her recommendations to our Remuneration Committee which were duly accepted and implemented. I would like to express my appreciation to Ms Cheng for a job well performed and delivered on time. “  James Kuah, Public listed company

“Ms Cheng had already given us good insight on our HR practices to meet our business growth needs during our initial meeting. We are glad to have been introduced to her and engaged her to design our Compensation and Benefits framework and programmes. She is highly skilled in this area. Her ability to understand and draw a link between HR objectives and our business mission, vision and values provided us with a new perspective to the meaning of our values, business and people. She is generous in sharing her knowledge and experience. What is valuable is her ability to draw from her experience forming different perspectives to provide simple innovative solutions for our small business. The solutions recommended were practical and meaningful to meet employees’ needs, yet do not cost the company hefty sum to implement.”  TJ, Burgeon Bricks

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